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A key aspect of our business, providing consultancy services

can be as simple as telephone advice through active management

to reverse engineering an existing coated component.

All consultancy work is, of course, confidential and very often is covered by non-disclosure agreements (NDA) or joint development agreements (JDA).

Chargeable either by the hour or on a contract basis, our consultancy service is designed to help you.

Examples of our consultation could include:
  • Desk research to identify alternative suppliers
  • Meetings with existing coating and paint suppliers on behalf of our client to review, research and develop improved systems
  • The taking of a client’s idea and turning it into a usable coating
  • Creating and / or developing a market for a new coating
  • Product development
  • Creation of a supply chain
  • Reverse engineering a coating solution
  • Organising independent testing of coatings and paints
  • Creation of a patent application to protect a new idea

In essence, we will work with you to help you.

It is our stated intention to help our clients stay ahead of their competition.

So part of our offered consultancy service is to provide future development work on your coating or paint solution, assuming that is what you want.

We can help you with all the technicalities, such as working out what is needed within the target coating or paint. Modern coatings contain not just the top level resin but all sorts of  other constituents, such as: pigments, solvents, binders, flow promoters, thickeners, driers, anti-caking agents, anti-skinning agents, de-foamers, electrostatic additives, accelerators, retarding agents, wetting agents and water scrubbers. Not all of these will be present in every coating or paint, but that is where Blocksil’s expertise comes into play.

All our consultancy work is based around the extensive experience Blocksil’s directors and associates can bring to bear.

So if you wish to take your business forward by using coatings or paints, then we should be your first port of call.

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