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Our Approach

At Blocksil we understand the ever advancing nature of the coatings and paints industry.
Using complex chemistry and the latest technologies
we therefore provide simple, every-day solutions
to our client’s challenges.

The process begins with a problem…

…a client might ask:


‘can you provide a coating that will prevent this happening?’ or

‘can you provide a coating that will make my product have a longer life?’

And the usual answer is ‘show us your problem and we’ll develop the coating solution’.

This method has given us the opportunity to develop many new coatings that have specific purposes for our varied customer base.

and the other side of the coin is when we’re told about a new coating and asked if we know of anyone who could make use of this new coating…

Keeping abreast of all the latest technology in the coatings and paints industry enables us to offer the most advanced coatings to our customers.

We don’t manufacture the coatings or paint ourselves – that is not our business model or area of expertise. We are ‘the brains’ behind the solution. Our intensive and comprehensive knowledge of the coatings and paints industry enables us to access the very best toll (subcontract) manufacturers. This results in you getting the best solution.

Our unrivaled coating and paint chemistry knowledge enables us to offer related services. Examples would be the provision of third party testing or managing an approval process on your behalf.

Blocksil CARE

We are environmentally aware. Consequently we do our utmost to ensure our innovative solutions have a minimal impact on the environment. Very often this involves the deliberate use of water based coatings instead of solvent based. We aim for compliant coatings, though wherever we can we go for solvent free options.

Our aim is to develop and supply coatings that require fewer layers, thus reducing the amount of time and energy used to apply the complete coating system.

We endeavour to provide the most cost effective solutions, though we’re not in the pile them high sell them cheap business. Of more importance to us is the provision of a solution to your problem.

Blocksil are your strategic partner, even if our name isn’t known to your customers or competitors. We will work with you to ensure as smooth an operation as possible. And to keep the whole process under control, we will nominate a particular Blocksil project manager to act as your liaison between all the parties involved. This close involvement will result in even more benefits through the avoidance of confusion.

So give us the problem and we will enjoy the challenge of solving it!

Blocksil CARE = Communication And REsponse

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