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Strategic Partnerships

We work with a range of accredited, approved partners

to help deliver coatings solutions for our clients.

Through our industry knowledge and our relationships with specialist suppliers, developed over many years,

we are further able to offer our clients a complete supply chain solution.

The confidential nature of our business means we are unable to disclose our suppliers or customers, but we do work with some well known blue chip companies.

Our partners include all manner of:

  • coating and paint manufacturers
  • containment manufacturers
  • label and printing specialists
  • access equipment suppliers
  • shipping and delivery companies
  • on site applicators
  • laboratory and test houses
  • legal teams for patent applications and contracts

We are proud to have associates around the world helping us to develop and expand the business and its products. We are looking forward to the challenge of solving many more problems in many more countries.

New agents and distributors from around the world are always welcome. If you would like to join our successful distribution network, please get in touch by email. We would certainly like to hear from you.

Blocksil works as your partner and associate. Think of us as your coatings and paints research, development and procurement department.

We provide the coating and paint know how that allows you to focus on what you do best.

Our business relies on strong and reliable partnerships between ourselves and our clients, and between ourselves and our suppliers.

Yes, we have smaller one off clients and suppliers, but the majority of our business partners fall under the banner of strategic. What do we mean by this? The definition of strategic relates to the identification of long-term or overall aims and interests, and the means of achieving them. So with our strategic partnerships we work closely with our clients and suppliers to ensure mutually beneficial and profitable long term business.

Blocksil is here for the long term.

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