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Supply Chain

Having identified a coating or paint solution for your problem

we can hand over the solution to you or we can organise the complete supply of the coatings.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the control and oversight of materials, information and finances as they move in a process from manufacturer to user. The length of the chain will vary by industry and by the specific and unique attributes of the product being made and sold.

SCM involves coordinating and integrating these flows both within and among the various companies involved. Blocksil’s experience in SCM is a big plus point for many of our clients.

In some cases our client simply wishes us to identify a coating or paint solution with no ongoing input from us in the supply chain. If this is what you want, then fine. Your order with us to carry out the research leading to the solution will have been fulfilled.

For complete supply, we can if you want have the products labelled with your name on (so called white labeling), we can sort out transport, warehousing, stock control and, if required, provide onsite technical support.

Where we do supply coating or paint product with your name on the tin, the associated paperwork (such as the Material Safety Datasheet, MSDS) will also have your name on it should you wish. And if a technical meeting or site visit is needed by Blocksil to support you, then we will attend the meeting or visit as your technical representative. We want to work with you, not against you.

The next level of our supply chain offering is to “supply and apply”. Here we will arrange to have the coating or paint solution applied to your components, structure or building. The application aspect can be under your banner or ours – the choice is up to you: you are the client after all.

The level of the supply chain is entirely dependent on your needs, resources and objectives.

And you can be assured that if we are supplying your client on your behalf, we will respect the supply chain and will not try to circumvent you.

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