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The Company Blocksil Limited

At Blocksil we understand the ever advancing nature of the coatings and paints industry.
Using complex chemistry and the latest technologies
we therefore provide simple, every-day solutions
to our client’s challenges.

Orginally set up in 2012 as a specialist coatings consultancy primarily to the roofing industry.
Led by experienced coatings industry professionals, Guy Williams and Clive Checkley, we have broadened our support to include the automotive, rail, construction, civil engineering, energy, marine and aerospace sectors.

We support our clients through imagining, designing, developing and supplying innovative industrial and commercial coating solutions to key infrastructure organisations.

The company is independent and privately owned, so we can work with our clients the way they want us to. We are also a confidential company, so if you need us to remain completely out of sight, then that is how we will be. An example would be within our supply chain activities, where we have developed a next generation construction industry coating that significantly outperforms existing offerings. Our client, who has a very strong market presence, wanted our coating packaged with their name on the label. This white label approach is something Blocksil is happy to engage in.

Blocksil can also assist with you or your client’s marketing of our solution. This may be by acting on their or your behalf with social media, or it could be by helping to organise an exhibition stand.

We have our coatings and paints manufactured in the UK by specialist licensed toll manufacturers. All our toll manufacturers operate to the highest quality, safety and environmental standards. And within our own warehouse we can offer a stockholding option.

Developing sustainable coatings to solve specific problems ensures that both Blocksil and you move forward with all the latest technology and time is invested in producing coatings that are kind to the environment. Blocksil designs and supplies its own coatings to some key infrastructure industries, as you can see elsewhere on our website.

We are here for you.

Blocksil Limited
Cathedral House
5 Beacon Street
Lichfield WS13 7AA
T: +44(0)1543 887 840
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