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Thermally Efficient Coatings

Taking the concept of thermal efficiency to completely new levels

We have a new coating range that will take the concept of thermal efficiency to completely new levels.

Our Therma-Light® coating is applied by spray, brush or trowel. When spraying we can advise on the equipment needed.

It can also be used as a “free film”. Here we supply you with one square metre panels of Therma-Light at 3mm thick for cutting to shape and adhesion onto components.

This is ideal where the components are awkward to access or partially filled with equipment, such as the railway control cabinet in this picture.

In addition to giving excellent thermal insulation, Therma-Light does not permit algae growth and is quick drying. It is built up wet on wet in layers to achieve the desired target thickness of 3 millimetres. Therma-LIght is an impermeable insulation coating and it will adhere permanently to steel, Aluminium, foam and many other surfaces.

Depending on the location and objectives for the coating, Therma-Light can be overcoated with a decorative paint.

Therma-Light is, as its name suggests, very lightweight. Water based with very low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels, it can be used across a wide range of process industries without them having to stop.

An area of use is on process pipework, process tanks and situations where it is important to reduce the heat emanating from production plant. One area of use is in reducing energy wastage of steam operated plant that cannot easily be wrapped in cladding. In fact, applying Therma-Light to hot (or cold) process pipework instead of traditional cladding provides a very useful extra benefit. Because the coating is bonded directly to the steel pipeline and is “solid”, there is no opportunity for water ingress, either from external sources or condensation. Therefore there is no pipeline corrosion underneath the cladding as one finds with traditional mineral fibre or foam insulation. And not having such corrosion leads to both safety and production benefits.

A useful by product of Therma-Light is its ability to improve local acoustic properties. Of course this depends very much on the precise location and situation in which the coating is being used.

The graph below shows just how well Therma-Light acts as a barrier to heat. It will also keep cold items cold. A test with LPG, which boils at -160oC, with a container coated in 30mm of Therma-Light kept the LPG liquid. An amazing feat.

Therma-Light free film treated cabinet August 2020
Chart showing heat reduction from a Therma-Light coated panel.

If you’d like to know more about Thermally Efficient Coatings, please get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.

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