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Proving our coatings work – a few simple videos

Banksy artwork in Birmingham.

Blocksil donated a transparent coating system to protect the December 2019 Banksy artwork in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

In this short video you can see one of our operators applying the second coat of the system. The non-toxic, environmentally friendly coating will protect the Banksy from unwanted additions and from weathering.

Here is why you should move away from Silicone roof coatings.

This roof coating is only four years old and had started leaking. During cleaning prior to the Blocksil hybrid roof coating being applied, the old Silicone coating simply fell off at minimal jet wash pressure.

Another advantage of the Blocksil system is that it will bond to Silicone coatings, unlike other non-Silicone roof coating options. Of course, what (if anything) is left of the old Silicone coating has to be fixed and firm.


A demonstration of just how effective Therma-Light is in dissipating heat.

The 3mm thick Therma-Light coating on the steel panel easily copes with the heat from a blow torch.

overcoatable hybrid roof coating

We carried out an indicative fire test on our overcoatable hybrid roof coating, Top Coat MT.

The coating had been applied to a section of painted steel roof profile. Whilst the Top Coat MT is not an intumescent coating, in this test it behaved like one.

The UK Concrete Show in March 2019

This video was taken at the UK Concrete Show in March 2019, hence the background noise!

The beetroot and vinegar had been left on the Power Floated Concrete Sealer surface overnight. The video shows just how easily the dried beetroot and vinegar are removed off the sealed surface. Unlike the unsealed concrete screed, which is permanently stained.

Mastic X Demonstration

Mastic X Demonstration. Mastic X is our very high bond strength yet flexible mastic. It requires some 800 Newtons (180 pounds force) to break the bond and will accommodate a movement of ± 70%. Available in 380ml tubes, it is applied like a normal mastic.

Therma-Light demonstration.

Therma-Light demonstration. This is an early sample of the thermal insulation coating Therma-Light. As you can see, the coating easily dissipates the heat from the flame. We are working with a specialist manufacturer to bring this coating to market.

Our Top Coat MT is fire tested in a flat roof format at BRE.

The coating was tested to BS476-3 and EN13501-5. The video shows part of the surface spread of flame test (part of BE476-3), where a naked flame is put against the coating whilst being heated from above.

The coating did not ignite and there was no spread of flame. Can’t get any better than this.

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