Train operating companies (TOC’s) are continually trying to stretch their budgets to keep their rolling stock clean and presentable as part of the customer experience. The ability to reduce cleaning time and hence cost is clearly something the TOC’s are after. And we at Blocksil can give them the cost saving by cutting down their cleaning time.

Applying the hydrophobic CleanProtect® system to both the exterior and interior of trains drastically reduces the need and cost for intensive cleaning. This ‘stay clean’ coating, when applied to the exterior of a train will prevent the build-up of grime, reducing the number of visits to a train-wash.

A train wash is like a car wash, where the train exterior is cleaned by rotating brushes or foam flails. The equipment and process is well established, but where Blocksil’s hydrophobic CleanProtect scores is in the reduction in water volumes and detergents needed to clean the train. It is well known in the industry that whilst water recycling already reduces the water usage, the discharged water will almost certainly need some treatment to meet environmental standards. If CleanProtect coating is used on the train alongside an efficient train wash, then the environmental cost savings to the TOC are potentially huge.

And CleanProtect can be applied to all interior walls, including wash rooms, the surfaces can be cleaned without the use of abrasives, just water. If graffiti has been applied to the coating by paint or marker pens, this can also be removed with water or anti-graffiti gels without damaging the surface or leaving a ‘ghosting’ residue.

Using this system will reduce the need for expensive cleaning materials, cut cleaning hours and be more kind to the environment. What’s not to like!

The CleanProtect nano coatings are fire rated to EN 45545-2:2013 Railway Applications – Fire protection on railway vehicles – Part 2: Requirements for the behaviour of materials and components, set R1.

The latest generation CleanProtect now has an improved solvent signature.

Stansted transport carriage coated in one of our nano coatings.

Brass panel partially coated in our nano coating No. 5 after two years outside.