Blocksil’s primary function is the design and development of coating solutions. Occasionally we are also asked to apply the coating solution on site. An industry where we are well known for this complete service package is construction.

Our coating expertise was requested by a new client to help them with a cladding refurbishment. In this instance the exterior GRP cladding on the building had aged and was looking unsightly. Our client was wanting the building cladding recoated to freshen it up as the building was a flagship site. The area to be coated was approximately 5,000 square metres (53, 800 square feet) with a building height of 12 to 15 metres (39 to 49 feet) – the building had an angled profile.

Why did our client contact Blocksil? Because painting over GRP isn’t straightforward. The outer coating applied during manufacture of the GRP panels will repel conventional paint and  the aging would have changed the surface properties of the GRP in a potentially unknown fashion. In addition, the GRP panels were in situ on a working facility, so the only surface preparation that could be used was jet washing and the coating solution needed to be fully controllable to avoid excessive overspray.

Our Chief Technical Director, Chris Knowles, knew the answer. Polyaspartic.

Polyaspartic as a coating resin has been around for about 20 years, but, applying it on to some 5,000 square metres of vertical surface was likely to be a problem because of its viscosity and its short pot life. The pot life is how long the coating will remain useable once mixed. Too short and it will cure within the spray gun. The short pot life and high viscosity of a standard Polyaspartic coating makes it difficult to the point of impossible to spray a 15 metre high building.

Needless to say Chris Knowles was able to organise a reformulation of the chosen Polyaspartic to gain a long enough pot life and a good enough viscosity for the subcontract applicators to apply it.

Is our client happy? Yes. Our ability to give them a one stop shop and back up the coating and workmanship with an insurance backed guarantee has taken a weight off their minds.

With regards to long term durability, Polyaspartics are the next generation of topcoats and should easily exceed ten years colour and gloss retention.