Blocksil is a supplier of specialist coatings to the rail industry.

Our coatings are usually found in the repair workshops, helping the maintenance departments achieve their goals. An example of this activity would be our bellows repair coating.

Bellows are the flexible connectors found between two adjoining passenger carriages. Developed for railway use, these sorts of connectors are also used on buses and trams.
In addition to wear, a common problem with bellows is one of damage, primarily vandalism. Once punctured the bellows naturally cease to be watertight which leads to corrosion of the carriage body.

Any repair to the damaged bellows needs to be permanent and flexible. A significant additional benefit of the Blocksil bellows repair is that it is self-sealing. So should anyone puncture the repair, it will seal itself. This property is not something that can be achieved through adhesive tape repair techniques.

Why repair a bellows rather than re-place it? Cost. The cost of repairing a railway carriage bellows is a fraction of the cost of replacing it, not least as the bellows can remain in situ during the repair process. And the repair technique is easy to follow, so specialist training isn’t needed.

Of course Blocksil can be on hand to give guidance and advice on the repair process if requested as part of our Application Support programme.

This first photograph shows a damaged bellows.

This second photograph shows the repair part way through the process.

This final photograph shows the completed Blocksil repair.